Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Gaither Homecoming Tour 2011

 Snapshots from our time at two of the three Gaither Homecoming Concerts in Independence, Mo.

 Bill Gaither

 Kevin Williams  "opening act"

 Russ Taft

 David Phelps singing He's Alive!  
Spectacular song, vocals, everything!

 Mark Lowry & Bill Gaither

 David Phelps

Extremely Incredible Piano Player, and singer!
Me and my 5 year old got to talk to him during intermission!  He just sat down at the piano when he was 3 and started playing.  What an amazing special talent God gave him!

 Mark Lowry being silly....or should I say normal.  
There was a fan at the front of the stage and he decided to blow it directly up his shirt while singing.

 Fun candid shot of Mark Lowry.

 Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry doing their routine shtick.

 Ernie Haas

 Signature Sound

 Bill Gaither directing us all as we sang along.

 Mark Lowry

 Bill Gaither and The Martins.

 Mark Lowry

 Bill Gaither and his regular tap the tummy to the beat.

 The Martins

 Bill Gaither and Ben Speer.

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